1. Why is this so important to do?

Most veterans of WWII are now in their 80’s and cannot make this trip on thier own due to physical or financial limitations or both. However, so many have expressed an eagerness to see these sites and once more feel the pride of service they had.

SOS for WWII Vets wants to make their wish come true and take groups of veterans to visit the memorial appropriate to their service in the military. It is our way of saying Thank You for all they did for our country. You can understand that time is of the essence because of the age and health status of many of these vets.

2. How will the Veterans travel?

We plan to take groups of up to 10 persons to the memorial site of their choice. They will travel by plane (or train possibly, to Washington D.C.) with a registered nurse and two members of SOS for WWII Vets who will facilitate all arrangements and assist as necessary all along the way.

3. How will you choose the Veterans who can go?

First, of course, each person must be physically able to travel. Second, we want to take those veterans who cannot otherwise make the trip on their own. Those who can afford to pay are invited to come with us and pay their own expenses. We welcome their camaraderie.

We have an application that WWII Vets can fill out and send to us. We will, of course, carefully verify all information including each person’s military service, before putting together a travel group.

We plan to take as many persons as funds allow on a first-come, first-served basis.

4. When will these trips begin?

Our plan is to take the first groups in the Spring of 2010 and continue as long as there are Veterans who are willing and able to go. Our expectation is that this will be a three year mission.